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The African Farmers Workshop & Expo

The Bosheuvel Pinzgauer Study Group were delighted to have been invited to exhibit at the African Farmers Workshop & Expo held at Nasrec show grounds between 15-17 August 2012. The study group brought three animals for show, Mr Silence (who stole the show as usual), Didi (a mature cow) and Naledi (one of our PinZ²yl heifers).  Much interest was generated by us showing the Pinzgauer breed at the expo, many visitors had never seen a Pinzgauer before!  The Chairman, Jevan Frylinck and Logistics Coordinator, Mitch van den Bos delivered a well received lecture on the 17th of August.  The lecture was aimed at introducing the Pinzgauer breed to the visitors as well as to explain the concept of City Farming, which was launched at Bosheuvel Estate some 6 months ago.  We are proud to say that through the efforts of the Bosheuvel Pinzgauer Study Group, many new breeders have joined the Pinzgauer family!!  Through the interest generated by the expo, we have had many of the visitors visit the Bosheuvel farm and request further information regarding Pinzgauers and PinZ²yl's.  We look forward to attending next year's expo to keep the Pinzgauer front of mind in new and emerging farmers!!

Bosheuvel Pinzgauer Stud and Study Group Initiatives

The Spring Show Carcass Competition

The Bosheuvel Feedlot situated in Muldersdrift has been in business since November 2011.  The feedlot has gone from strength to strength and this year it was decided that we were entering a group of young feedlot bulls into this year's Pretoria Show Carcass Competition!  The bulls selected are Pinzgauer bulls bred on the Bosheuvel farm and belonging to the Bosheuvel Pinzgauer Stud.  The four youngsters were hand picked by Jan de Jong and we are excited to be the first stud in the country to enter the carcass competition at the Pretoria Show!  The four bulls will be weighed and marked on 3 September with on the hoof judging taking place on 4 September.  The final on the hook judging and announcement of winners will be held on 6 September 2012 from 8am onwards.  This is a proud moment not only for the Bosheuvel Feedlot but also for all Pinzgauer Stud breeders and your support at the competition would be greatly appreciated!! Below are some pictures of the boys, see you there!

The Ultimate Beef Competition

The Bosheuvel farm has been extremely busy in the last few months after launching their "City Farmers" concept!  Part of this concept is the Bosheuvel "Farm to Fork" initiative by which they built their very own abattoir, butchery and deli on the farm! The success of our butchery and deli has spread and we were very pleased when we were invited to participate in the Ultimate Beef Challenge and were asked to submit two Pinzgauer sirloins for judging in this prestigious competition.  The challenge is the brain child of Mr Steve Maresh, the owner of the Local Grill in Johannesburg who loves a good steak!  The steaks will be judged by a panel however Mr Maresh is flying in Mr Mark Schatzker!!  Mr Schatzker is a world renowned beef lover and judge who hails from Canada and we are so lucky to have him judge our Pinzgauer steaks!! The challenge will be held on 24 September from 10h00 until 16h00 and the results will be released to the media and public on the evening of 25 September 2012 at the Local Grill.  Wish us luck!!