Born and bred for Africa
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the South African PinZ²yl
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An ambitious breeding project was independently started a  few years ago by three leading cattle breeders. Paul Bester from ZZ2 Mooketsi, Dr. Piet Prinsloo from Mookopong and Hardus Steenekamp from Steenbokpan. All started crossing Pinzgauer bulls with Nguni females. Fate recently brought these ambitious men together who, realizing their common goal, decided to join forces and form a new breeder’s society. A joint decision was made to call the new breed the PinZ²yl. The name refers to the Pinzgauer origins of the breed as well as the ZZ2 and Mr. Tommie van Zyl, CEO of the company who is acting as a sponsor of the project. The PinZ²yl cattle genetic composition is aimed at combining the hardiness and fertility of the indiginous Sanga with the production capabilietis and carcass traits of the Bos taurus. The PinZ²yl is a veld breed with low maintenance and management cost. The PinZ²yl also retains the beautiful and valuable hide.
born and bred for Africa
Dave Henderson represented the South African PinZ²yl at the Bloem Show 2011