Why do we show
More Meat per Hectare
Meer Vleis per Hectaar
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More meat per hectare  Meer vleis per hectaar
Since the early times, shows have played a significant role in the evolution of livestock.    Appearance and performance ought to be integrated, because stud animals should not be sold solely on their performance figures.  The ideal combination for a superior animal would be visual appeal, good performance and a reputable pedigree.  Shows and judging are valuable resources in this regard ant they should not be negated by ignorance, scepticism and an unwillingness to accept the facts.   Although shows are not the only marketing tool for stud breeders, they are a powerful marketing platform that provides excellent exposure and publicity for a herd and a breed.   Shows moreover offer breeders the opportunity to interact with other breeders and experts, exchange management and breeding ideas, and familiarise themselves with their breed and the needs of the industry.  At a show breeders can evaluate the animals of other breeders and compare them with their own, observe how the animals are judged by experts and hear the judges’ comments and reasons for their choices and grow wiser in the process.   A further underlying value of shows for breeders is that many breeders societies aim to improve the general quality of animals in South Africa.  They realise that an animal which meets the breed standards is more likely to be an efficient producer.   The two most important steps for breeders, particularly beginners, who intend to participate in shows, are the selection of the animals and their subsequent preparations for a show.